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Synvisc One 1 x 6 ml


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Buy Synvisc One Online from AgelessPharmacy.com

Synvisc is manufactured by Genzyme and Guaranteed Authentic.

Buy Synvisc One Online at AgelessPharmacy.com

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  • Buy Synvisc One Online at AgelessPharmacy.com


Buy Synivisc One

Synivisc One is an orthopedic product manufactured by Genzyme. Medical professionals who buy Synivisc use it for the treatment of arthritis in their patients. It is similar to Synivisc Classic in that it restores the elasticity and shock absorption of the joint by acting as artificial joint fluid. This helps patients with osteoarthritis, who have lost fluid in their joints. The difference is that while the Classic version comes in 3 injections of 2ml, Synivisc One comes in one injection of 6ml. Thus, treatment requires only a single injection, which lasts up to six months.

Synivisc is used once other methods are deemed ineffective. Patients must avoid strenuous activity up to 48 hours after injection. They should also inform the medical professional administering the injection of any allergies to birds and bird products, in addition to whether they are pregnant or nursing. Side effects of this product include swelling, bruising, rash, redness and bleeding.

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Medical professionals who buy Synivisc online through AgelessPharmacy.com at the lowest wholesale prices can be certain that they will receive an original and authentic product. Synivisc, along with all our other orthopedic and cosmetic products, come directly from their manufacturers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our low prices and excellent customer service make us a top choice to buy cheap cosmetic and orthopedic products online. This is what makes us a leading medical supplies company trusted by many licensed medical professionals. We specialize in bulk shipments of Synvisc One to medical professionals, clinics, nurses, spas, and doctors. As your wholesale Synvisc supplier, Ageless Pharmacy offers you the cheapest prices, lower than the US market price.

Order Synvisc One Online: A Single Injection to Solve All Your Joint Problems

In the past, patients suffering from osteoarthritis pain could only treat this symptom with steroids or traditional oral medication. However, Synvisc One has become the preferred method for relieving joint problems since its FDA approval in February of 2009.

The pain associated with osteoarthritis occurs when the synovial fluid is worn away in the joint in question. This fluid provides cushioning for the joint which is especially important in joints that must absorb a lot of shock such as the knees.

Details About Synvisc One

Physicians who buy Synvisc One online at wholesale prices are able to provide patients with a supplement to their synovial fluid. Synvisc One is injected directly into the joint, thus avoiding the body-wide side effects which typically accompany oral medication. When your patients buy Synvisc One, you can inform them that normal physical activity can be immediately resumed after injection. However, more rigorous activity dealing with sports can only be undertaken after 48 hours.

Patients who have received Synvisc injections in the past can opt for Synvisc One injections without any new allergy testing. The difference between Synvisc and Synvisc One is that the latter product is administered in one injection rather than three. It also provides relief from osteoarthritis pain for the same amount of time as Synvisc.

Typical side effects experienced by those who buy Synvisc One include stiffness and soreness in the knee. These side effects are temporary. Although Synvisc doesn’t cause any serious side effects with oral medication, patients should consult with their pharmacists to ensure optimal safety before receiving injections.

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For more information before you buy Synvisc One online, please visit the Synvisc One - Official Website.


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Additional Information

Manufacturer Genzyme
Brand Synvisc
Strength 6 ml
Pack Size 1 pre-filled syringe